Staff for 2017-2018

Headteacher: Mrs L Probets (Designated Safeguarding Lead/Child Protection, Assessment Leader)
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs M Watson (SENCo/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Nursery (FS1): Mrs S Robinson (FS1 Team Leader) and Mrs J Montgomery
Reception (FS2): Mrs M Watson (FS2 Team Leader and SENCo)/Mrs Shaw and Mrs L Muirhead
Year 1: Miss R Brazier
Year 1: Miss Moffat
Year 2: Miss C Dale (KS1 Team Leader)
Year 2: Miss H Johnson
Year 3: Mrs N Ashton
Year 3: Miss C Lacy
Year 4: Mrs J Williams (KS2 Team Leader)
Year 5: Mrs M Davies
Year 6: Miss K Hebdon (E-Safety Leader)
PPA: Mrs Mullis, Mrs Lightfoot, Mrs Field

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs H Carrington and Mrs J Rowntree – FS1
Mrs R Naylor and Mrs C Evans – FS2
Mrs A Camsell – Year 1
Mrs A Casey – Year 2
Mrs S Mitra – Year 3
Mrs J Hodgson – Year 3
Mrs J Unwin – Year 4 (Domestic Violence Representative)
Mrs M Murali – Year 5
Mrs K Taylor – Year 5 & 6 (Pupil Premium Champion)

Administrator Staff
Senior Administrator: Mrs G Douglas
Administrator and Parent Support Advisor : Miss J Pickering (Monday, Thursday and Friday)

Supervisory Assistants:
Mrs Naeem
Mrs Khalil
Mrs Cuthbertson
Mrs Harris
Mrs Norman
Mrs Hugill
Mrs Hewitt
Mrs Russell
Miss Crook
Mrs Clark

Cook: Mrs R Millington
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs N Shute
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs C Ritchie
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs S Sorby

Caretaker: Mr S Stott
Cleaner: Mrs S Straughan
Cleaner: Mrs V Russell
Cleaner: Mrs W Cuthbertson
Cleaner: Mrs A McIver
Cleaner: Mrs J Crook
Cleaner: Mrs L Heald
Cleaner Mrs C Harding