School Clubs

We are very fortunate at St Francis of Assisi Primary School to be able to offer a number of exciting extra curricular school clubs.

The sports clubs are run primarily by qualified coaches who come into our school and deliver these activities for a nominal fee. Other clubs within school are led by dedicated teaching staff.

The clubs take place mainly after normal school hours.

Currently our clubs are:

  • Monday – Choir for KS2 (during the school day)
  • Monday – Guitar for KS2 (at lunchtime)
  • Monday – Multiskills for Y1 and Y2
  • Tuesday – Guitar for KS2 (at lunchtime)
  • Tuesday – Gymnastics for KS2
  • Wednesday – Guitar for KS2
  • Thursday – Dance Fuzion for KS2
  • Friday – Dance Fuzion for KS1

You can find letters for these on our “Letters” page. Please see Miss Pickering in the school office if you would like to know whether there are any spaces at any sporting club.

Please click on a page from the top menu to find out more about each of our school clubs.